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    Testimony of Steven K

    The following is a Testimony from Steven K. – a graduate of the Friends of Sinners program:

    My name is Steven K. I am a believer in the Savior Jesus Christ and a graduate of the Friends of Sinners program.
    I will begin by saying how thankful I am to God that he not only spoke to my heart and revealed himself to me but that soon after he would lead me to become a resident at FOS. Jesus Christ broke my heart and changed my life eternally while in jail and then lead me to FOS and placed me in the position to be humbled, encouraged, rebuked, but most of all loved.
    I came into the program a brand new Christian, literally. I was extremely excited and passionate about the Bible and ready to learn more. What would happen over the next year was much more than I expected or ever deserved.
    Looking back now when I arrived I was self righteous, misguided, and really confused. I viewed the Bible as a list of Do’s and Dont’s and perceived most Christians as hypocrites.
    The personal relationship I established with Christ and a genuine desire form the staff and residents here at the house allowed me through Bible studies, group discussions, and just fellowship to grow in the Gospel of Jesus and realize that there is no greater freedom and no better life than one living for Christ.
    There have been people here to boldly tell me when I’m wrong, yet have the grace to encourage me and build me back up. God has used this program tremendously to impact my life and many others. I praise God for raising up this house and the men and women involved in it. I also thank the faithful servants of God who believe in Christ centered recovery and believe enough in Jesus to give people like me a chance.
    This past year has been full of ups and downs but it has changed my life and God has used it to build my faith and cause a greater love for Christ. It’s been awesome. When I came in it was all about me and now through the grace of God it’s all about Jesus and other people. Really, the last sentence sums up what FOS has done for me.

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    Testimony of Cindy

    Cindy is a graduate of the Friends of Sinners program. Please take a second to listen to her Testimony:

    My name is Cindy, I’m a believer in Christ in recovery from Drug addiction. I grew up in a large dysfunctional morman family in southern California. Never knowing a relationship with the Lord, I worked hard at trying to “look” perfect and tell people what they wanted to hear. Their was alot if abuse and fighting in my home growing up. But on the outside we “looked” like the happy morman family. As a child my father killed himself in our home and that was another family secret. As a young teen I began to drink and use all forms of drugs, killing the pain and allowing escape from my troubled home. I felt free and unstoppable. At age 18 I was already working with DR’s and in my first rehab. In trouble and alone. This would be the beginning of 23 years of disfunction, sin, illegal activity, manipulation, pain and recovery back and forth. Many rehabs, hospitals, and Dr’s couldn’t help me. I would grow only so far, then turn and run to my comfort in drugs. In 2005 my husband killed himself in a police chase. My problems were now public knowledge. I lost all of our money, my mother was dying and lost my relationship with any friends and family I still had left including my children. I lost my home and had nothing left to live for no place to turn. A friend took me to church and then celebrate recovery. Slowly God started to pull me to him with his love and grace. As I began to grow near to him there was a hope unlike anything I’ve ever known. The Lord put people into my life to help guide me in the direction of his will. I was so broken and desperate that I was WILLING to do anything he wanted with my life. I was finished “Trying” on my own. As I grew in CR I also wanted to give back. I did what the Holy Spirit guided me to do and followed the council of Godly women. I found it difficult to find the help and guidance of women, it seemed the men had all the help. This burdened me greatly. I had been in a relationship when I was using with a man who was not at Friends Of Sinners. As I watched Joe grow I was AMAZED at this Godly rehab that seemed to bless him and grow him so quickly. It seemed even after over 20 years around recovery Joe quickly moved past me in growth. I sought out more women’s groups to no avail. After becoming a leader in CR, more and more I watched women come and go. I felt burdened to do more, now with a couple years clean Joe and I were married, he was employed by FOS and I enjoyed a prosperous career that paid most of our bills. Gods calling for me to help start the women’s FOS came long before i was prepared to listen. It took more than a prompting from the Holy Spirit. Though my heart filled with joy at the thought, I couldn’t imagine the financial stress on my new life and marriage. The Lord finally got through to me and I quit my career along with all it’s benefits to be the womens supervisor of FOS. I have NEVER felt so blessed and filled with the spirit of my savior. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything material on this earth. To have a front row seat In watching God move these women as well as provide our every need. Joe and I are truly happy and blessed.

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    Testimony of Josh P.

    The following is a Testimony from Josh P. – one of the Assistant Staff members of Friends of Sinners.

    August 29, 1983 a sinner was born. Far before I induced any alcohol or drugs, there was a sinful nature. Looking back when my brother was first born, sin became very evident. The moment I realized it was no longer all about me, I was filled with hate. I developed selfishness and anger issues at the age of 4. Having a passion for disobedience, my entire childhood was a continuous dilemma. Whether it be parents being notified by the principle, of by the police, it was never ending. Drugs and alcohol instantly enhanced the chaotic lifestyle. Many attempts of rehabilitation through courts, from adolescence to adult were failed. Blinded by darkness, it seemed hopeless. The bondage of sin left me at the bottom. It was there at the bottom, that I decided to look up. In 2008, I surrendered to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Instant relief poured over me as I realized that the old me was dead. Transformation had begun. By no means do I live a perfect life, and yes I still sin. But today I am washed clean by the blood of Jesus, and I am forgiven. That is hard to grasp, after many years of depravity I have been forgiven. Today I am blessed by being able to see the Lord transform men before my eyes, as I serve as staff here at Friends of Sinners. All the Glory goes to God, because this is nothing I could do on my own.

    Josh P.

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    Testimony of CI

    “For the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus.” (Romans 6:23)
    From a background of abuse, self hatred, and feelings of abandonment, I turned to a lifestyle of sex, drugs, and violence. I was completely convinced that I didn’t need anyone for anything. I quickly discovered a way to be almost self reliant by selling and using marijuana and other drugs. For a while, this satisfied the hunger for acceptance and love. Drugs gave me a family that showed love by a code of the streets. The family and the drugs started evolving as I got deeper into the drug world. This spun me into a severe state of depression. I felt the only way out was death. Small stints in jail were my only relief.
    My choice of lifestyle landed me in a 30 day rehab. I completed the rehab bitter and still not willing to change. After completion of rehab I was immediately sent to a halfway house. During my stay, I worked the 12 steps. I was told that my (higher power) was a god of my own understanding. This allowed me to create a god no bigger than myself. In return, with no savior, I turned back to my self destructive lifestyle. These behaviors lead me into pungent darkness. It was not until I was alone and left with thoughts of suicide that I finally cried out to God. Two days later God intervened and I was arrested. After being arrested, I felt as if the turmoil inside was over. Faced with serious charges, I was willing to accept whatever was dealt to me. Once again, God intervened. I was accepted to another half way house.
    This time was much different than before, I was ready to give Jesus a try. While searching for Christ, I realized I was still holding on to the ways of the world. In order for Christ to grow, this part of me had to die. I had to let go of worldly possessions. With God now in control of my life, I was completely set free from a lifestyle of bondage. I graduated the program happy and filled with Christ’s love. While giving back to the program, I began to notice the absence of Christ was the reason many people were not making it through secular programs. No other ‘higher power’, other than Christ, can set the captive free. Who the Son sets free is free indeed. (John 8:36) The blessings I have received from serving Christ are greater than what the world ever offered me. Therefore, I feel lead by Christ to spread the gospel and show others how God can turn your ashes into beauty.”