Resident News

There is always a lot happening in our FOS houses, and you can find updates about our residents right here on our Resident News page. We'll try to update this page as often as possible with resident news, prayer requests, upcoming events, and general happenings.


Brad Hall Baptized 7-1-18



Ben was Baptized 4-16-17

New Creation!

Newly Baptized!!

Dustin and Bryant were Baptized 3-27-16!

Jon Kuegel Baptized 1-6-18

Newly Baptized!

5-1-16 Brandon Lay was baptized! "DEATH IS DEFEATED!!!!"

Dakota Baptized 1-6-18

Newly Baptized!

04-16-17 Seth Brown was baptized. "NEW CREATION"

Josh kost Baptized 7-1-18
Newly Baptized 1-1-17

Its been amazing to see the work God is doing in not only Jason's life but his entire families!

3 of our guys were baptized 2-19-17. Keep them in your prayers as they continue to walk this journey out.

Nick Kidd was Baptized 2-19-17!!!!


Dave Baptism

Dave was baptized 8-6-17.

gordon Baptized

Gordon was baptized 8-6-17

John Burden was baptized 10-1-17