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    Testimony of CI

    “For the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus.” (Romans 6:23)
    From a background of abuse, self hatred, and feelings of abandonment, I turned to a lifestyle of sex, drugs, and violence. I was completely convinced that I didn’t need anyone for anything. I quickly discovered a way to be almost self reliant by selling and using marijuana and other drugs. For a while, this satisfied the hunger for acceptance and love. Drugs gave me a family that showed love by a code of the streets. The family and the drugs started evolving as I got deeper into the drug world. This spun me into a severe state of depression. I felt the only way out was death. Small stints in jail were my only relief.
    My choice of lifestyle landed me in a 30 day rehab. I completed the rehab bitter and still not willing to change. After completion of rehab I was immediately sent to a halfway house. During my stay, I worked the 12 steps. I was told that my (higher power) was a god of my own understanding. This allowed me to create a god no bigger than myself. In return, with no savior, I turned back to my self destructive lifestyle. These behaviors lead me into pungent darkness. It was not until I was alone and left with thoughts of suicide that I finally cried out to God. Two days later God intervened and I was arrested. After being arrested, I felt as if the turmoil inside was over. Faced with serious charges, I was willing to accept whatever was dealt to me. Once again, God intervened. I was accepted to another half way house.
    This time was much different than before, I was ready to give Jesus a try. While searching for Christ, I realized I was still holding on to the ways of the world. In order for Christ to grow, this part of me had to die. I had to let go of worldly possessions. With God now in control of my life, I was completely set free from a lifestyle of bondage. I graduated the program happy and filled with Christ’s love. While giving back to the program, I began to notice the absence of Christ was the reason many people were not making it through secular programs. No other ‘higher power’, other than Christ, can set the captive free. Who the Son sets free is free indeed. (John 8:36) The blessings I have received from serving Christ are greater than what the world ever offered me. Therefore, I feel lead by Christ to spread the gospel and show others how God can turn your ashes into beauty.”



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