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    Testimony of Josh P.

    The following is a Testimony from Josh P. – one of the Assistant Staff members of Friends of Sinners.

    August 29, 1983 a sinner was born. Far before I induced any alcohol or drugs, there was a sinful nature. Looking back when my brother was first born, sin became very evident. The moment I realized it was no longer all about me, I was filled with hate. I developed selfishness and anger issues at the age of 4. Having a passion for disobedience, my entire childhood was a continuous dilemma. Whether it be parents being notified by the principle, of by the police, it was never ending. Drugs and alcohol instantly enhanced the chaotic lifestyle. Many attempts of rehabilitation through courts, from adolescence to adult were failed. Blinded by darkness, it seemed hopeless. The bondage of sin left me at the bottom. It was there at the bottom, that I decided to look up. In 2008, I surrendered to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Instant relief poured over me as I realized that the old me was dead. Transformation had begun. By no means do I live a perfect life, and yes I still sin. But today I am washed clean by the blood of Jesus, and I am forgiven. That is hard to grasp, after many years of depravity I have been forgiven. Today I am blessed by being able to see the Lord transform men before my eyes, as I serve as staff here at Friends of Sinners. All the Glory goes to God, because this is nothing I could do on my own.

    Josh P.

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