Gideon’s 300 Launches in March The Less Is More Project

In the fast paced-competitive non-profit world, we are always trying to catch up. Always looking for the next big fundraiser, or an idea that is going to rock the non-profit world. Fundraising as such a necessary and vital component of what we do at Friends of Sinners that some days it consumes all of our time and energy, as we need every dollar raised or donated to fulfill our mission and keep our doors open. I’ve spent many days in prayer and thought about how to tackle the fundraising efforts for F.O.S. It wasn’t until recently that God revealed to me where I was missing the mark. As I ran all my ideas by him nothing seemed to click, nothing really seemed like a good idea. God didn’t give me the best fundraising idea the world has ever seen, but he did reveal himself to me. A few days ago, I wrote a story about how the Lord has multiplied FOS since the day it was founded in 2009 for a local church that partner with us each year. I knew the story; I’ve heard it many times, in fact I’ve told the story to countless people myself. But this time, as I proofread the story before I emailed it, I sat in complete amazement for a few moments. I knew I was reading the story of FOS, but for the first time as I was reading it; I knew I was reading Gods Story, A story that only he could write. At that moment, my perspective on fundraising changed. I have been so focused on fundraising events and ideas, that I lost focus on HIM. I took my eyes off HIM, off all that he has done for FOS, all that he has given the ministry. My perspective changed because the Lord changed it. My entire focus was on the wrong things, on raising money, on putting on a show, on the next big fundraising idea and not on what God has and is doing for the Friends of Sinners ministry. You see in the story of Gideon’s Army, God decreased his army from 32,000 to 10,000, and then from 10,000 to 300. God’s word in Judges 7 revealed to me where I have been going astray. I was focused on the 10,000 and not the 300 that he has chosen for Friends of Sinners ministry. We are asking you to be 1 of the 300. We are asking you to make a donation of any amount to the ministry, to pray for God to put someone on your heart to ask to make this donation in your honor. We are asking you to be a part of a fundraiser that God will multiply for our fundraising efforts at Friends of Sinners. As the story of Gideon goes, we believe that God is going to do something mighty with the few that he has chosen for Friend of Sinners. Will you join us?