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We are a long-term, residential, CHRIST-CENTERED, substance abuse recovery program in Owensboro, KY. We were established in 2009 with one client and two volunteers. Now we have 50 clients and 11 full-time staff members. We have grown because the Lord is with us. You see, the founders of FOS knew the great need for addiction treatment in Owensboro. So many people were on drugs and committing crimes; something had to be done. There were treatment programs in Owensboro, but none that were Christ-centered.
As Christians, we know the truth. The only way to be free is through Jesus Christ! Secular programs might teach someone how to be “sober”, but we are showing people the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. Our clients are not only becoming sober, but are giving their hearts and being baptized into Christ. They are being restored to their families, gaining employment, and giving back to our community.
At Friends of Sinners, it is in our bylaws that we will never bill insurance for our services. Insurance providers can hinder Christ-centered programs. They will make it mandatory to offer narcotics to clients. So, we refuse to go down that road. All of our clients are completely narcotic free.
We rely on our community for support. More specifically, we rely on the CHURCH for support. If the body of believers won’t come to our aid, who will? Would you prayerfully consider becoming partners with us? We believe that God will speak to you and show you that we are a ministry worth supporting. Christ is the center of our world. We couldn’t do anything without him, and we believe he will use you to provide for this ministry.