Ways to Give


You could never pray for our residents and staff too much…so please remember us as often as you can in prayer.

Monetary Donations

Whether through personal or corporate sponsorships, or just a general contribution, we are always thankful for your monetary gift. We’ll put it to good, Godly use transforming lives.

Item Donations

We are always in need of various supplies, food, and other necessities. They will be appreciated and well used.

Monthly Donations

Partner with us by donating monthly. You can set up a monthly recurring gift right here on our website.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Friends of Sinners is honored to accept gifts in honor or memory of a loved one.


As a donor, you can make a gift that will create a lasting impact on people in recovery and on Friend of Sinners’ long-term stability. You can include gifts of cash, securities, personal property, a percentage of the value of the estate, or the residue of your estate (property remaining after all other bequests have been fulfilled).
To make a bequest, you need to leave instructions, typically in a will. You can detail different types of bequests in your will and update it throughout your life as your family, priorities, and wishes evolve.

Real Estate and Personal Property

You may give a residence, land, or other real property. The value of the donation is determined by an appraisal of the fair market value at the time of the transfer of ownership. Donations of personal property such as equipment, furniture, appliances, and vehicles can also be contributed.

This information is not offered as financial or legal advice. Please consult your financial or legal advisors for guidance on the best method of charitable giving and potential tax consequences for you, your family, and/or business.