Brandon’s Testimony

My name is Brandon. I am 43 years old. I have struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction since I was 16. I have been arrested 43 times, been to 4 drug rehabs, had one overdose that landed me in the cardiac care unit for 3 days, and many many hospital visits. I came to FOS on Aug. 15, 2016, a broken spiritual person. I had not seen my 15 year old and 3 year old in 6 months, and I was an everyday alcohol and meth user. I was homeless, lonely, scared, and felt separated from the world. Most of all I felt separated from God. After coming to FOS I poured myself into the numerous bible studies, prayer, and reading scripture. One early morning, before anyone was awake, I was praying and reading scripture when the thought of what kind of Dad I had been flashed through my head and I started to tear up. Then, like a rocket, the ugliness of all my sins blast through my thoughts. At that moment I fell to my face on the floor sobbing. For once in my life I was truly sorry for the things I had done. I told God that, and asked him to forgive me. I knew, because of the blood of Christ he had. I stood up, blew my nose about 17 times and truly felt Gods love. I knew from right then my life was never going to be the same…and it hasn’t been.