Steven’s Testimony

My name is Steven K. I am a believer in the Savior Jesus Christ and a graduate of the Friends of Sinners program.

I will begin by saying how thankful I am to God that he not only spoke to my heart and revealed himself to me but that soon after he would lead me to become a resident at Friends of Sinners. Jesus Christ broke my heart and changed my life eternally while in jail and then lead me to Friends of Sinners and placed me in the position to be humbled, encouraged, rebuked, but most of all loved.

I came into the program a brand new Christian, literally. I was extremely excited and passionate about the Bible and ready to learn more. What would happen over the next year was much more than I expected or ever deserved.

Looking back now when I arrived I was self righteous, misguided, and really confused. I viewed the Bible as a list of Do’s and Dont’s and perceived most Christians as hypocrites.

The personal relationship I established with Christ and a genuine desire form the staff and residents here at the house allowed me through Bible studies, group discussions, and just fellowship to grow in the Gospel of Jesus and realize that there is no greater freedom and no better life than one living for Christ.

There have been people here to boldly tell me when I’m wrong, yet have the grace to encourage me and build me back up. God has used this program tremendously to impact my life and many others. I praise God for raising up this house and the men and women involved in it. I also thank the faithful servants of God who believe in Christ centered recovery and believe enough in Jesus to give people like me a chance.

This past year has been full of ups and downs but it has changed my life and God has used it to build my faith and cause a greater love for Christ. It’s been awesome. When I came in it was all about me and now through the grace of God it’s all about Jesus and other people. Really, the last sentence sums up what Friends of Sinners has done for me.