Join the 1,000 IF we ALL give a little, BIG things can happen!

If your life has been touched by God through His work at Friends of Sinners, then we’re talking to you!
Whether you are an FOS ALUMNI, past client, volunteer, or just another brother or sister in Christ; we are calling 1000 people to give $10 a month. Let’s face it, not all of us have a lot of money, but it’s safe to say we can all afford $10 a month. If we all come together, this will be the greatest financial support that Friends of Sinners has ever seen. If just one life was changed, just one soul was saved, just one baptized into Christ, just one family restored, just one set free from addiction; it would all be worth it. Thankfully, its not just one; There are HUNDREDS! Hundreds of men and women have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ while at Friends of Sinners. So, we are asking: Will YOU be one of the 1000?

To give toward this life-changing ministry is simple:
Go to our website
Click ways to give
Monetary donations (in red)
Fill out the info
Click monthly recurring & the amount

A little can go a long way if we all come together!
Watch and see what God will do!