Julius’ Testimony

Born and raised in Owensboro KY, Had a dysfunctional child hood. My mom provided while my dad struggled with alcoholism and a crack cocaine addiction. From the age of 15 to 25 My life was out-of-control filled with the party lifestyle, drugs and women. All of this started because of trying to cover my failed dreams, regrets and bad habits. In high school I was projected to go play division 1 football but because of drugs, alcohol and the influence of others around me I chose to put sports on the back burner.
The summer practices leading up to my senior year in football I walked off the field to never return. That was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Since I was a little kid I had dreams of playing in the NFL. I knew I’ve always had the potential to be great but never put forth the the effort or try to reach my full potential. One because I had a paralyzing fear of failure when in all actuality I was the one who put myself in that position by always cheating and cutting corners. In 2012 I got busted for trafficking marijuana and controlled Substances through the US Postal Service. This time I found myself in jail headed to prison. By gods grace I got a second chance at life by going to a Christ centered recovery program for drugs and alcohol. That’s where my foundation started with weightlifting, in a basement with the dirt floor. Now because of hard work and having a spiritual awakening I am on the path to breaking the all-time world record for bench press. I am currently the fifth man in history of the world to benchpress over 700 pounds. At this point the most I’ve lifted 716.5 lbs. It’s hard to imagine being where I am today having the opportunity to work With men That was in the same position I was and to be one of the strongest men on the planet. I went from being a junkie, a robber and a person who polluted my community to a mighty man of God with second chance at being a father and a husband. The Lord has built me up to be man of God who serves his community, stands up for the homeless and fights for the addicted and one of strongest people on the planet. The Possibilities are endless. I have many opportunities that I never had before, the ability to go to schools and reach the troubled kids and speaking at other different organizations. All this happened because I surrendered my life to Jesus.

Keep fighting the fight and know your worth in Christ.