Nick’s Testimony


My name is Nick Kidd. I’m 35 years old. I was born in Morehead KY. Right after I was born my mom and dad moved to Illinois. Two and a half years later they had my brother. Growing up was normal I guess. When I was around 8 or 9 my mother died and we ended up moving back to Kentucky. My dad remarried soon after. We went to school in a little town called Sandy Hook in Elliott county. We played ball all the time and lived on a farm. For the longest time I stayed confused and mad at the world really because of all the things that happened and the way it all worked out. I stayed mad at dad and my step mother. Looking back on it all now I really had it pretty good. My dad always worked and gave us everything we needed and more and my step mother was a good person too. I was just young when all that happened with my mom and us moving and all and I let all that keep me upset. I did okay in school. Enough to graduate anyway. Through School I played sports, basketball mostly but I played baseball too. I started drinking and smoking weed when I was about 14. I stuck with those 2 for the most part until I was in my 20’s. I got hooked on opiates in my mid 20’s. That’s what really got me. I was in and out of jail and rehab from then on only to get out and go right back to it. My life revolved around drugs. I loved them all really.. it didn’t matter what it was. From heroin to meth and everything in between. I got busted for manufacturing meth in 2012. I ended up with a 12 year prison sentence. I did 40 months before finally making parole. I paroled out to a place called friends of sinners in Owensboro. This is where my life completely changed. I had been in church growing up here and there but I had never heard or seen it the way I did here. They loved me and dealt with me there different than anywhere I had ever been. I always thought u had to be this perfect person to be a part of a church when actually it’s the exact opposite. I know now that Jesus loves me and died for me just the way I am and I don’t have to be anybody I’m not. I have a peace inside now that I can’t even describe. It’s priceless. I have a great relationship with my dad and I live right down the road from my brother who is still my best friend. I got a smoking hot girlfriend too that loves the lord!! Lol I am so thankful for all the staff and everybody that’s involved with the program.