Ryan’s Testimony

Hi my name is Ryan Moseley I’m 31 years old I was born and raise for the most part in Owensboro Kentucky I’m married to the most amazing woman I could ever dream of I’m a father of three awesome boys Julian who is eleven, Tristan who is eight, Zaiden who is two and my wife is currently pregnant with our baby girl, Brynleigh!!! I am a member of Pleasant Valley Community Church and I am a child of God!!!!!! saved by his love grace and mercy!!!! I want to tell you a short version of what God’s brought me through and about how He has changed my life!!! Just three short years ago I was the furthest from God a person could possibly be. I have lied, cheated, stole, cause tremendous pain, sold drug, done drugs, and done numerous other sinful things pretty much my whole adult life. I’ve had three prison sentence one 5years, 2years, and 8years I’ve been locked up a total of 50 months and I’ve been on probation or parole for about 5 years from the ages of 19-28! Many times in my life I’ve felt hopeless, beat down, lost, worthless and ashamed. I tell you these things to show you there is hope we do have purpose and it’s available to us all!! I find my hope, purpose, comfort and peace in JESUS today and what he did for us!!!! I was blessed with the opportunity to go to friends of sinners back in 2014 and that’s where the journey began. The staff loved on me when I couldn’t love myself they gave me hope when there wasn’t any they showed me how CHRIST changed their lives and I wanted that too. They showed me how to study the word and showed me what being a Christian looked like by how they lived there lives. The example these guys showed me was life changing and I’m forever grateful for them, but it’s not them at all who changed me or them it’s CHRIST who lives in us!! Friends of sinners is God’s program and he is glorified through it on a daily bases with the impact it’s having on men and women’s lives!! 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. It’s true there is hope for anyone who believe and calls on the lord I can promise you that!!