Tabitha’s Testimony

My name is Tabatha Dennis. I’m 30 years old and this is my story. I had a pretty good childhood. Vacations, reunions, very family oriented. Life changed when my parents divorced when I was 13. I began drinking and smoking weed and throwing parties on the weekend. A few years go by i started working to pay for my habit and the bills I was obligated to pay. Shortly after I began selling. After graduation i had my first child. I thought love consisted of physical, emotional and mental abuse. After years of that i finally got out. I had my 2nd child and soon after i was introduced to meth. My life turned sour as soon as i started using. I lost my boys in 2008 and began using everyday and also selling. I then caught my first drug charge and went to lighthouse. I graduated and managed to stay sober 3 1/2 years. Within that time i met Jesus but i didn’t really know him. I had a house a job a car and visits with my boys. I also had a little girl. Life was better than I could’ve imagined. I thought I overcome the enemy. Without realizing it the devil snuck back in all bc I thought I could have 1 drink. Within a yr 1/2 i lost my life all over again. I done things I never thought I would and thats using meth intravenously. I cried out to God and he heard me and pulled me out of that slimy pit. I ended up in jail with several more felonies and while i was there he sent me an angel from fos. I got accepted and the moment I walked in those doors I knew my life would never be the same. I now have a real and personal relationship with Christ. I have my daughter back home with me and working on bringing the boys home. I have an apartment and a job. I sponsor 3 girls i am a leader at celebrate recovery I attend church regularly. I stay plugged in with friends of sinners and i give back what was so freely given to me. I am able to be a godly mother and teach my children about Christ. Most importantly though I have chosen to pursue Christ and place him first in my life. I am the daughter of the one true king and i couldnt be more blessed and grateful for his grace mercy and forgiveness. I pray that while you read this you can see that theres hope and a future for you as well if you just surrender and give your life to Jesus Christ.