James’ Testimony

I’m James Burdette, 37 years old. I was born and raised in Daviess County Ky. So as a young kid I know that I was baptized as a Catholic as a baby, but my only memories as a child was that my parents took me to church Easter and Christmas. So as I grew up I really never had a relationship with God. My whole life I just was never grateful when good was happening, it was just happening. But, when bad was happening God was to blame. I continued this way of thinking from as far back as I can remember until Jun 9th 2018 when my eyes were opened to all the blessings that were from God. Now today I know that somethings in our lives might seem horrific or terrible at the moment but today when it gets like that I have TO BE STILL ABD KNOW THAT HE IS GOD. And there is a greater plan. Today all my blessings that he has gave me are tremendous. My kids that probably shouldn’t even give me the time of day are my biggest fans. They don’t have to be ashamed of me. My mother is finally proud of me. The greatest one is that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has chosen me to do his works with him. I look back at who I was just 8 months ago and I can honestly say that God has made me a new creation. All the glory be to God.